Monday, April 22, 2013

Scrapping Linoleum Flooring off Luan Subfloor Video

Scrapping Linoleum off Subflooring

Luan Panels: Information
Luan Board
Luan Ply: Information
Luan Mahagony
Luan Vaneer: Description

Removing Luan Underlayment Luan can be removed fairly easily. Just cut it into strips as long as there is no vinyl backing left. Getting all the staples removed or beat down is by far the hardest part.

If it's ran underneath the cabinets use a sharp razor knife and score it several times and it should break off pretty clean.

A lot of staples will have slivers of luan caught underneath you should either pull out or use needle nose pliers to remove the sliver then hammer then down flush. When you remove the luan don't want anything sticking up.

It's a good idea to refasten the subfloor onto the joist with screws or screw shank underlayment nails. You should see how flat it is too... may have to belt sand some seams.

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